We offer both high speed stand up and laydown beds.

Here at body concepts we aim to please our customers by offering a variety of different products. Lotions, creams as well as samples and body jewellery are just a few of the things we have available.

In the salon we also offer two specialty beds, our Hydration Station as well a Red Light Therapy Bed.

Hydration Station

The hydration station is a capsule that is rejuvenation and detoxifying using heat and aroma therapy.

Red Light Theraphy

The Red Light Therapy bed is a bed with red bulbs that works on a cellular level to rejuvenate and repair your skin.

Hydration Station Benefits

  • Cleans and condition your skin
  • Accelerate your tanning results
  • Activates UV melanin and prepares for DHA absorption
  • Adjustable massage settings

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